Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Help me


Again, stranger from another computer screen. 

I've been thinking a lot lately. You know when you're in the car and you're listening to music with earphones plug in ur ears. Somehow, those songs you used to listen when you're a kid makes all sense. Girls will cry all day, all night ..thinking what made things complicated. I know. It's so stupid but it's really not until you..face it..yourself. Somehow..our hearts aren't's fragile. but the fragile hearts are the best at faking everything.

I get really insecure when I saw pretty girls online. It's even worse when you met them in real life. Flawless skin,pretty face,perfect smile, nice figure.. and the list goes on and on ..but for me..I can finally accept all of my flaws. I seriously can't even stand when people talk about how bad my skin is or how skinny I looked. It's annoying. I mean, I looked at the mirror everyday everytime. Yes people I do have a mirror. But you know, people will point at your flaws and how bad it looks. I am not lazy. I'm just getting through a phase where all people exprience acne problems. 

Sometimes,I regret knowing people that I really don't wanna know. For some I know how the world works now. They give you all they can ...treat you like you've never been treat before.. and once they got you..puff!!..their gone..All "hellos" has their "goodbyes". People think only the heart that has emotions but truth is..even the brain has emotion too( Doctors Crush ). Without can our hearts be able to feel the emotions?

Pretty random right? Honestly, I just turn on the laptop and start typing what's going on in my head. I'm sorry if this is boring for you. Not-so-interesting I must say. But yea, Sometimes it's best to express yourself. Even if it hurts. Truth hurts too.