Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dear Diary

Dear diary, 

     it's been a while right? I haven't been writing you lately. Well, here I am. 1:15 AM  .. writing something that's been in my head for while. Might as well talk about it now. Things got intense. Mentally of course. I don't understand why these things keep happening to me. To think about it I liked the way it was before then now. My friend was right. He's always right. I should've listen to him but I didn't. Everything changed. When I remembered it all, I felt a weird feeling and sometimes it keeps bothering me. I didn't liked it but I kept the feeling to myself. No one is really there. There never was. I missed everything that used to meant something special to me. I felt a huge rock has land on my chest. The pain, the tears and everything I didn't want came back. I didn't want it to happened but yet I did it . But why do they force me? Why did they make me do things I don't want? Why are they being so selfish ?? I hate it. It feels like they're giving me a burden in my life again again and again. Why can't they understand me? Instead they made me do things I wished I didn't. 

But I blame it all on me. It's my fault. It's funny how people can talk so easy when they don't feel what we feel. I felt the pain but others felt more than the pain I felt. I regret everything. Every moment I spent happily... I regret it. I had no place to hide. So, I made a place. That place will be my world. Only people I accept will see my hiding place. I don't want them to know. If they know, I'll lose my place. It's funny how I'm running away when they should be the one..running away and move on with their life. I used to have crushes. I had to lied so people won't know whose my real crush. Who knew will be my crush too. Nobody knew who. They only knew who I want them to think who it is. I want to lived freely. They keep me inside. I want to get out. I'm not allowed to go outside. I'm not allowed to asked for help or even say hello to anyone I want. I'm scared.. help me. 

Relationships are so beautiful in the beginning. It makes you feel you're at a place you've never been before. It makes you feel you're in space for some reason. Well for me at least. I loved it and I miss it. I miss everything but what can I do? Just do nothing. I'm tired..but never of you.

 We were young and bold,

We were everything we wanted for each other,

But who knew,
You and I became stars.

You and I became a part of the universe.

Just like how you became a part of me.

Now, you and I are like thick smoke..

So thick and white.. and at the end..

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