Monday, 6 March 2017

Sorry ~

sorry. Sorry for everything I've done.

It's not okay right? I'm sure you struggle a lot. Watching me behaving like that. I'm sorry. Sorry that if you seen me change slowly from time to time. Sorry for not paying enough attention to you. Sorry for being someone I am not. I didn't want it to be like this. I thought it was just temporary but it wasn't. They became part of my life too. And I wouldn't want it to end. They've gone too far. They know I can't but they still pretend everything's okay. I too felt sad and somewhat stress about it. I just want everything to be back the way it was but I know it's impossible. I tried to make them understand my sitution but they were against me. I tried. I did. But I just hate it when people I love are against me. I did it once and the person accept it. Will it be the same if I told them as well?  

I don't want to hurt you ... tell me if you're hurt... I'm sorry... sorry for everything.. I wish people understand more rather than trying something they shouldn't. 

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