Saturday, 15 July 2017

Another story

Hey, it has been a while right? I just kinda got a little busy with life lately. Fixing things, I mean I'm just adjusting things if you get what I mean.  What I want to do right now is just lay in bed , listening to some music and never get up. But I can't anymore. Sucks. Okay, back to the real topic.. Another story. Enjoy.

It was nice meeting you. It was nice seeing your smile again. I miss you for so long. I tend to stalk all of your social media because I want to know your updates. I miss how we used to be. Walking together to school and just hanging out at Starbucks or the time where you and I like to just walk around the mall and eat suhsi together even though I kinda hate suhsi but I ate it anyway because you like suhsi. I wanted to tell you how much you meant the world to me but It was all gone until she came along. She was everything a guy would ask for. And so did you. I was heart broken by it. How you told me you wanted her . The way you tried so hard to get her attention. You never did that to me. Am I too different for you? Why can't I just tell you that I love you? Maybe I'm afraid.. I'm afraid that if I told you what I really feel towards you.. You wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. And you'll keep your distance. Because I am just a simple guy . And I know, it will be akward if we be something more than usual.